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moroccan product Finger lime by Citreck

Rare citrus fruit produced in Morocco and delicate condiment of high gastronomy. The caviar lemon is a fruit with a thin skin, strongly scented, oily and containing translucent and tangy vesicles.

Very popular in the kitchens of the greatest Chefs, caviar lemon is intended first of all to accompany the most delicate dishes, shellfish, fish, avocados, certain pastries or cocktails….

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CITRECK, located in the Province of Essaouira, is a young agricultural production company specializing in lemons and olive oil with the BIO label

CITRECK is passionate about innovating and producing a very special lemon of Australian origin locally called “FINGER LIME” OR CAVIAR LEMON.

CITRECK has been producing caviar lemon since 2018. This precious and subtle seasonal production is marketed fresh or off-season candied with salt.

Well Producing

CITRECK adheres to the Moroccan Organic Label under all its conditions and specifications in the respect of “good production”, the respect of best working conditions, the respect for the earth and its microcosm.

Our products :

  • Lemon 4 seasons, citrus macrophylla
  • Finger lime, Citrus australica
  • Moroccan Lemon
  • Finger lime candied with sea salt
  • Picholine Languedoc olive oil
  • Olive oil with lemon caviar, CITRECK exclusive novelty since 2020

All these products are under the BIO Label certified by CCPB.

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CITRECK, located near Essaouira, is an agricultural production company with 100% organic objectives and is aware of the importance of the environment for itself, its work teams and its customers. CITRECK specializes in the production of varieties of lemons and olive oil from its own plantations.