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Citroncitrus medica

  • Production

    All production is harvested by hand, dusted, washed, sorted on site

    Sold fresh in season only. Storage forecast soon

    Semi-wholesale sale at the farm only

  • Application

    Do not forget to confit this fruit to enjoy it all year round

    Some make liquors from it to flavor certain alcohol-free cakes and baba

    A very pleasant and velvety slightly acidic zest fragrance, hence its use mainly in pastry and perfumery.

  • Conditioning

    5 Kg crate

  • Where to buy ?

    At Citreck farm in Had Draâ – Douar Chebabta – Essaouira

    At NaturAnout in Essaouira

    Get location

  • Specifications

    No preservative treatment

    Harvested at maturity

    Unwaxed fruits with thick rind and very largely edible

Origin :

  • From organic production in HAD DRA (ESSAOUIRA)
  • On age-old lands, always original and natural
  • CITRUS MEDICA fruit variety
  • Young and protected plantation, without chemical surroundings
  • From organic production from the CITRECK farm
  • Young planting of 2019
  • Fully controlled production to obtain bright yellow, oval and bumpy fruits, more than 100 Gr, thick and edible skin
  • Harvest at full maturity to avoid acidity (December to March)