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Finger lime

  • Production

    All production is harvested by hand, dusted, washed, sorted on site

    Sold fresh in season only, from November to February of each year

    It is very difficult to preserve the fruit beyond 15 days after its picking

  • Conditioning

    Cardboard box, organic, of 250 Gr

    2 Kg insulated box

    All fruits are identified CITRECK, registered trademark

  • Where to buy ?

    At Citreck farm in Had Draâ – Douar Chebabta – Essaouira

    At NaturAnout in Essaouira

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  • Specifications

    No preservative treatment

    Harvested at maturity

    Large fruits over 25g

    Taste slightly verbena and tangy lime

    Abundant juices in translucent white blisters

    A few seeds in each fruit

Origin :

  • From organic production in HAD DRA (ESSAOUIRA)
  • On age-old lands, always original and natural
  • Young and protected plantation, without chemical surroundings
  • From organic production from the CITRECK farm
  • Young plantation of 2015
  • Fully controlled production to obtain good-sized, juicy and particularly tasty fruits
  • Harvest at full maturity to avoid acidity